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Portomaso Marina

A Beautiful Seafront

It would not be amiss to say that the Portomaso Marina is one of the most beautiful sea fronts you will ever see. The marina was designed specifically in a sectioned manner and encompasses 3 areas for boats of different sizes. In case you are arriving at Malta via your own cruise, enquire and book ahead so that you do not face any troubles. The marina itself has an area for the small boats in the North basin while the south basin is for the sailboats. However, if you want to feast your eyes on some premium luxury boats, walk past the sailboats and you will not be disappointed.

The charm of the Sea
Bear in mind that it is a seaside area. Thus, if you go to the Portomaso Marina, you will find lots and lots of water. However, that is not the only thing that you will find. The marina was designed in a very modern way to cater to almost all kinds of crowd. From bars and hotels to the beautiful small restaurants, you will find it all here. The food is delightful and frankly, and if you are staying at a seaside hotel, you can while almost all of the time simply watching the marina unfold before your eyes. However, truth be told, if you are looking for old world charm, this is not for you. The tower on the seafront is huge and looks pretty different from everything else that you see all around it.

The Platter
On the subject of the food, it needs to be understood that most of the restaurant here are meant to cater to a more upbeat audience. Meaning that the food is at a costlier side. However, the quality and the sheer variety more than makes up for that. If you prefer your food cheap and self-served, though, you can simply go to the Arcadia supermarket at the bottom of the nearby Portomaso Tower.

Other sights
If you want to catch sight of fish, just walk down the path and get to the small area beside the Blue Elephant where the fishes are fed by the local tourists and as such, are available in abundance. Also, be sure to walk down the whole length of the marina to the mouth of the sea. The night life here is also very vibrant as the shops and bars are open till about the wee hours of morning. Do visit the Grand harbour off Valletta if you would like to see some of the bigger yachts which cannot be moored here.
Overall, a very well planned area for living and a nice ambience makes for an ideal visiting spot. Definitely try out sipping on wine or coffee while watching the sea at some of the smaller restaurants around the marina.


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