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The Night Capital of Malta

Paceville is called the night capital of Malta for a reason. The place is bursting with clubs, restaurant and almost any other form of entertainment that is possible in a night hub. If you are at Paceville, get ready for some excitement through the night. The place can get really hectic during the summer months with both local and foreigners frequenting the area due to its beautiful climate and great dynamics, however, if you decide to visit during the winter, you will find some really good and relatively empty places. The drinks available are quite cheap and easily available in variety, so be ready to let your hair down and party through the night.

There are plenty of ways to reach Paceville. In fact, the place was developed keeping its easily accessible locality in mind. Buses are available at regular intervals plying from Silema, St. Julian’s and Valletta. No matter what your preference in music, people or even drinks, you will get it all here at Paceville. As far as staying is concerned, you can always stay in the area if you like your rooms to be within walking distance of your favourite drinking hole. However, if you like it quiet after a long day’s sleep, St. Julian’s across the bay is recommended. Paceville in itself is very small and well within walkable distance.

Food and Shopping
In terms of food, the variety available here is great. No matter what your type and preference might be, rest assured you will get it at Paceville. The place has developed to be one of the most happening party zones in Europe and thus, sees a lot of tourists throughout the year. Not only do you get your usual mix of Europeans, you even get people from as far off as Japan and Australia coming to Malta to experience the real European party life here. In terms of shopping, although there is a small shopping area here, overall, the stock of stuff available is not all that great. This is hardly surprising considering the fact that the area is renowned for its night life, not anything else. Want to try something unique? Go to the bar and ask for a “Party Boat”. It is essentially a plastic boat with a bottle of alcohol and 4 energy drinks. Drink this down and rest assured that you will more than simply last the night: you will live it.

Overall Impression
This is a new area. As such, there is not much of historic value. Malta has a little of everything. Thus, this area was specifically developed for those who would like to have some excitement in their night life. If you would rather have a quiet evening, you are better off walking the waterfront areas farther near the sea. Try not to travel via rented car as the area can get pretty crowded during most evenings and parking becomes a chore. All in all, Paceville is a party place; if you are visiting, get ready to dance your way through the night.


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