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The Centre of Tranquillity

Malta is literally a forgotten country. With natural views and scenic beauty around, it is situated like a pearl in the middle of the Mediterranean. Adorning this on the north east side is the Balluta Bay. I am sure all of us have read romantic stories on how quaint little towns grow up to become big and retain its otherworldly charm. Well, Balluta, nestled in clear and beautiful water is one such spot. The water is so clear that on a sunny morning you can see the bottom. Also, being situated on such a wide expanse of clear sea means that the place is ideal for almost all forms of sea based entertainment like swimming and diving. But that is not where the real charm of Balluta lies.

Special Food & Ambience
If you want to experience the true form of Balluta, the best way is to take a few days off and be ready to simply soak in the atmosphere of this small town doing absolutely nothing. The Balluta Square is perfect for this. In fact, our recommendation is that you stay at one of the several hotels lining the square while you visit the place and simply spend the time sampling real Mediterranean food from several of the small restaurants. Talking of the restaurant, do try out the Electric Lobster Project where our favourites were the speciality mini burgers.
If you do happen to visit the place during the festival time, the square is particularly busy, so be sure to book your place early on. Get armed with a picnic basket and find the best seats on the square to watch the festivities.

If you are a photographer, you are in for a treat as this bay is lined with old world lights which makes for excellent night time photography. Be ready with a tripod though since it needs to be exposed fairly long to get a good shot. The roads are a little full of traffic, but considering the fact that you will be there to simply laze around, you will have more than ample time to feel nature flow through its veins in this area. The place has everything that you can possibly want in a small town. The list includes, but is not limited to a very goof French patisserie (our personal recommendation), a spa and even specialized Italian Leather shoe boutiques for those who want to shop while soaking in the local flavour.
Definite Visits
While you are in the area, do look on the evergreen Holm Oak trees from which the area has got its name (it is called Balluta in the local language). Wrap all this up with a visit to the Carmelite Parish Church which is an excellent example of the neo Gothic style of architecture and a walk through the by lanes of the city while gazing in on the Georgian style houses which all lead to the 18th-century Villa Cassar Torregiani on the south shores of the Balluta bay on whose huge grounds the Le Méridien St. Julian’s Hotel is situated.
In short, if you want to relax and spend your time soaking up on old world charm, Balluta is your place to be at.


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