Il-Gnejna bay

The best beach of Malta?

Il-Gnejna bay.

The Il-Gnejna bay is regarded as one of the most popular beaches in Malta and there is a good reason for that. Not only do you get great sea stretching out in front of you, there is also a beautiful secluded beach along with coastal greenery all around.

Getting there
There are a number of local transportation facilities available for reaching the bay itself. Hence, whether you are looking to stay or merely going there for the day, transportation will not be a problem. However, the best way to reach is through a car. There is no problem of parking as you can keep the car parked right next to the sand on the beach. Most major towns are about an hour away at the maximum, but if you really want to soak in the local atmosphere, staying at the town is highly recommended.<--!-->

What to see
First up is the fishing village of Il-Gnejna. This is a place literally lost to time. The reason why everyone is recommended to stay is to walk the beaches during the night with a binocular in hand. Most of the fishing that is done in this small town is still done with traditional methods. This includes attracting fish with the help of lanterns in the middle of the night. Spotting such a fishing boat with the binoculars can be a reward in itself. If you are the more adventurous type, pack in your hunting shoe and go on an adventure in the small rocky outcrops starting straight from the beach. Be ready for some interesting trekking though, if you are serious. A very interesting thing that can be seen here are the local houses that are situated right on the hills along the beach. This gives the impression that the beach is pretty popular with the locals as well. Talking of the beach, do be on the lookout for the rocky parts while wading into water as some parts of the area can be rather rough
Rather than opting for hotels, our advice is to go for a rental house. Although this can be a little on the costlier side, the overall increase in the cost is more than justified with the gorgeous private views you get and the privacy. In fact, this can be the perfect romantic destination you had in mind.

Food is rather cheap in this area. This has mostly to do with the fact that the fresh food is easily available from the sea. If you want to eat something exquisite, be sure to drop by at the il-Barri restaurant. A short way off Gnejna, this restaurant boasts excellent main course dishes, especially the traditional Maltese rabbit dish. Also, the fare is global, so you can expect to dishes from anywhere in the world. This includes freshly baked croissants, an awesome coffee and even snails. The price is very reasonable as well. The place opens at 9 in the morning and continues on till midnight.
A beautiful sea line, wonderful food and very interesting people and fauna. What can we say except that: “Malta is every bit as beautiful as it is described to be”.

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