Fort St Angelo

A Perfect tourist spot - Fort Saint Angelo


Fort Saint Angelo is considered as hidden yet precious gem of Malta. It is regarded as Malta’s oldest fortress. It is located on the tip of Birgu which is well known as the knight’s first capital situated in Malta. The fortress was first discovered in year 1565. But in year 1979, there were certain attempts on the fort to replace it with a hotel resort. This resulted in severe damage and certain harm to the fort. The fort is under the care of the knights of St John. The fort has however now been restored beautifully but it was not opened to the public for a long time. Still, the fortress manages to look beautiful with its unpolished ruins.

Beautiful Places Located at this Fort:
There are various many beautiful places located here which add charm and attraction to this historical place. Let’s have a watch out at some popular yet beautiful places of this fort.

Saint Anne Church in Fort Saint Angelo:
It is an old 15th century church renowned as Chapel of Saint Anne. This church is the place where knights used to worship when they newly arrived in Malta. However, the original chapel was first built by De Nava about 100 year ago. This historical yet beautiful church features an entrance bay, four middle bays in the central section forming a temple, four bays in the line of the entrance and a small bay which supports the half dome of this chapel.

The Guva in Fort Saint Angelo:
The Guva is also popularly known as the underground cell for the knights. This place was meant for the convicted knights. The convicted ones were sent to this underground cell as a punishment. The Guva consists of a bell shaped hole and it is absolutely impossible to escape from this hole. The base of this cell is of oval shape and is approximately 3.4 meters in height. There are certain shelves which have been cut in the wall for placement of lamps, candles or lanterns. The prisoners there used to decorate the walls.
The only Guva popular today was rediscovered in year 1913 at Fort Saint Angelo. This guva is located at about five meters distance from church of Virgin Mary. Research says that there were two or three more guvas located here in Malta but there are no such clues left for their identification.

European union Celebrations:
Malta’s entry to the European Union in year 2004 was celebrated at Fort Saint Angelo in a pomp and show manner. The Fort was covered in beautiful lights featuring lovely music and amazing fireworks. The fort however showed an impressive display at that time.

Current Status of the Fort Saint Angelo:
The fort is now under the supervision of Archaeological Survey of India. Tourists are allowed to visit this beautiful yet historical place in between 8AM to 6PM on any day of the week.

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