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is a perfect choice for people who are searching for blend of enjoyment, with essence of historical spots. This beautiful place is also known by its title Citta Vittoriosa. It is an old fortified city of the South Eastern Region of Malta. Birgu is the oldest of the so-three “Three Cities” that is adjacent to the Grand Harbour in Malta. It comprises of beautiful Heritage; Malta museums, fortifications like old beautifully constructed churches and traditionally enriched folklore that is very eye catching as tourist point of view.

Places to Visit in Birgu:
Focusing on the visiting places of Birgu, let’s check them categorically:
Beautiful Museums depicts maritime history from the ancient people relative to recent times. Architecture of buildings brings tourists in the ancient practices and makes them spell bounded. Its outstanding collections are especially based on the worships of Saint John. Beautiful Malta Maritime museum has influence on British architecture and styles. There are many other Museums which catch big attention towards them like:

Inquisitor’s Palace-National Museum of Ethnography
It is reputed to be one of the few surviving ‘Palaces’. It was saved during World War II luckily, and its artifacts have been well preserved. Its architecture holds really artistic intellectual ideas.

The Vittoriosa Parish Museum
It is an interesting religious building in itself. The Parish museum is packed full of religious aspects of World War II. This basically focuses on the resultant of wars and their after effects on the Birgu in a very beautiful way.

Malta at War museum
It is an interesting place as it has beautiful pictures, several demonstrations of lives of people suffering from World War II, their way of living, adaptations to critical environment has been beautifully presented to attract tourists.

The Fortifications

Grand Harbour
Natural harbor is probably the island’s greatest geographic asset, and reflects commercial activity and its military architecture.

The Birgu waterfront
It comprises of several restaurants and hotels which are great source of amusements for tourists. It is one of the largest outdoor markets on the island.
The main square and Collachio
It has interesting architecture and beautiful dating back to Norman times. Large number of wine bars has been established in this area.

The Church of Saint Lawrance
Beautifully built architecture really fascinates people specially belonging to Christianity.
The Church of Santa Scholastica
St John was on a site which later became a convent (nunnery), marvelous structure of its times, attract tourists due to its peace environments and fragments of beautifully preserved architects.
Bishop’s Palace in Bishop’s Palace St
Open-air theatre performance, it was built for drama. It evokes a period when bishops were powerbrokers.
Church Museum in oratory of St Josept
Diversity of the architecture styles along with plenty of materials chosen by artisans attracts people a lot.
It is being held every year and has great geographical significance. It highlights the immense historic value of the city.
Local Council & Bands
Local Council and musical Bands really attract people all over the world.
Hence, if anyone wants to spend the best of their holidays “Birgu” holds a big attention towards the tourists due to its preserved cultural heritage and beautiful architecture of ancient buildings.

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