Blue Elephant

An Authentic Thai Experience


Malta seems to be a place of surprises. Had we not gone out to explore the place on foot, we would never have come across the Blue Elephant. Of course, we came back and enquired as to how good it was before actually making a booking, but the place was a wonderful gem of a find.

You will not believe how authentic this place is until you actually visit it. The restaurant is huge and has done a lot with the décor to cater to the original feeling. It has a small river with live koi fish swimming in it, a small bridge to cross the thing and even a waterfall completing the whole effect. The waiters are dressed accordingly and even the food is served in authentic Thai cutlery. Having been to Thailand, I and my partner were both highly impressed with the level of dedication they have to actually maintaining the whole experience.

Location and Opening Hours
If you like to walk along the waterfront, you will eventually come across this place. It is practically impossible to miss. It is very near to the Spinola gardens and you can pop off after a little visit to the place. If you do not feel like walking, get on a bus to Ross and the Blue Elephant is very near to that. Do ask the locals if you cannot find the place. The place is open from 1900 hours till 2230 hours. The place is usually not very crowded, but if you want the best seats in the house, do book beforehand.

The food is authentic Thai, as you can probably guess. We started with the Tom Yum soup and it was a real treat. It was as if we were back to Thailand itself. The place has little dim overhead lights and since it was just the 2 of us, it was a wonderful experience. If you do not like spicy food, ask the friendly staff as to what will suit you. My partner was not into spicy things, and the waiters were very helpful with what should be tried. We arrived for a Wednesday night value for money tasting menu and was surprised to find that they were including food and wine together for €45 per person, which was an excellent setup for the ambience and the great food. Ped Makarm is highly recommended for the main course, although make sure about the portions.

Overall Impressions
The food was great, a central location and an awesome décor. It was all we could ask for and more. A place worth a definite visit, even considering the slightly higher amount. We would definitely go back again if we ever visit Malta.

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