Valleta Waterfront

Tourist Attractions


The Valleta Waterfront is considered as an ideal place for the people looking for retail, joy and complete package of entertainment making it popular for both the tourists and locals. This amazing place is popularly known as Pinto Wharf and is situated in Floriana at Malta. This place features more than 250 years old beautiful warehouses, some great bars, retail outlets and restaurants offering quality food. It has been regarded as a perfect venue for different many big concerts and such events like the New Year Eve’s Malta Fireworks Event, Valentines’ Day, Children’s Entertainment, The Wedding Fair and The Malta Jazz Festival, Weekly Mass, etc.

Places to Visit in the Valleta Waterfront
Now let’s have a look at the most amazing places of the Valleta Waterfront.

Restaurants, Bars and Clubs:
The Valetta Waterfront offers you with a great yet memorable experience for any palate. Whether it is oriental or Sicilian cuisine, here you will find quality dining experience which is worth the price. Besides this, for a joyful night out plan, the place offers you with a wide range of clubs, pubs and bars for people belonging to different ages and having different tastes.

    Bistro 516 – Italian and Mediterranean Cuisine 
    Browns – Mediterranean and Exotic Cuisine 
    Crave Eats & Beats – offering pizza, Wine & Cocktails 
    Hard Rock Bar – American Bar & Diner 
    I Fratelli – Italian Cuisine 
    Lava Lounge – offering fresh meat and fish
    Nan Yuan – Cantonese Restaurant 
    Pepe Nero – offering fresh seafood and meat.
    Pintonino – Mediterranean Cuisine 
    Q Bar & Restaurant Malta – offering wines, cocktails, cigars, chocolates and Mediterranean food
    Tal-Kaptan- Traditional Japanese cuisine
    Wasabi Sushi Express – offering healthy yet delicious food.

Retail Stores and Shops:
If you are seeking for a thrilling Mediterranean shopping experience, then it is the best place. Here you can explore the best shopping outlets located at the Forni Shopping Complex. The shops offer you with some beautiful local handicrafts, pottery, wines, gifts, foodstuff and reading stuff. Besides this, popularly known brands offer products including perfumes, cigarettes, range of beverages and such other products.
Agenda Bookshop – offering a wide range of books and magazines.
Bank of Valletta – offering bank services like foreign exchange.
Mdina Glass – offering lamps, dishes, clocks, mirrors, frames, scenic pictures, vases, etc
Mediterranean Ceramics – hand crafted ceramics
Sterling Jewelers – offering beautiful jewel pieces including gold and diamond.
The Mics – offering amazing footwear, caps and hats, and some beautiful wooden gifts.
Waterfront Dispensary

Valleta Waterfront – a huge transport hub:
Besides this, the valleta waterfront is also considered as a great transport hub. The place offers you with water taxes, amazing boat tours via traditional Maltese dghajsa, tours about sea plane, the cruise liner terminal etc.
Experience the best dining, legendary flavors, beautiful scenic views, shopping and much more with a convenient location on the Valetta Waterfront.

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