Top Sights of the three Cities

Vittoriosa, Senglea, Cospicua


The Three Cities refer to the three fortified cities located in Malta i.e. Vittoriosa (Birgu), Senglea, Cospicua. The three cities give you a fascinating insight into Malta, its culture and history. These cities offer you an amazing life and an insight into maritime fortunes of Malta. Those people who settled on the islands were offered residence by these three cities.

Beautiful Sights in the Three Cities
Some of the great yet beautiful sights of the three cities are discussed in detail as below:

    Fort Saint Angelo – A military historical place.
    Inquisitor’s Palace – place featuring beautiful architecture.
    Malta at War Museum – beautiful museum featuring
    Maritime Museum – beautiful museum preserving Malta’s maritime past
    Armoury – place featuring beautiful architecture.
    Church of St Lawrence – a religious place, a church of Knights of St John.
    Vedette Watchtower – provides insight into the west over the Grand Harbour and southern flanks of Valletta.
    Gantry House – featuring galleys of the knights of St John.
    Norman House – a beautiful architectural sight featuring amazing pillar and zigzag decoration.
    Sacra Infermeria – hospital by Knights when they arrived at Malta first.
    Bighi Sally Port – attractive waterfront.
    Chapel of Saint Anne – chapel where knights used to worship.
    Church of Saint Philip – church which was destroyed in World War 2.
    Church of Our Lady of Victoria – rebuilt after the first church was destroyed because of the World War 2.
    Auberge d’ Angleterre – local library.
    Freedom Monument – place commemorating the withdrawal of the British troops in year 1979.

Popular Restaurants of the Three Cities
Now let’s have a watch out at the list of the top restaurants located in the three cities:

    1. Osteria VE – This restaurant offers amazing Italian food. Some of the famous dishes here include beef with rosemary or tagliatelle with sausage and tomato.
    2. Del Borgo – It is a wine bar offering wide range of international and local wines. Beside this it also offers traditional dishes like bil gunglien.
    3. Tal-Petut – This restaurant offers seasonal local dishes like slow cooked pork, lampuki (fish) in white wine, etc.

The Three Cities are amazing places to visit in Malta. You will definitely enjoy the spectacular views while visiting the three cities.

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