The Sliema Ferry

A Majestic Experience For Tourists?


What Makes The Sliema Ferry A Majestic Experience For Tourists?
It’s an enviable privilege to get around the historic capital city of Malta, with cherishing sights down the city centers and island resorts. Spending time you will come across the ardent desire to have a panoramic, slow-motion sight of Valetta and the seaside town of Sliema – something to serve you while you ponder over adorned states and weather.

What To Expect?
A cruise liner at the lovely Valetta Waterfront complex might do the job for you by forking four-figure bills out of your pocket. Otherwise, you cantake comfort knowing the fact that another facility avoids the traffic chaos and glides into the city for a piffling amount of money!
Head into the city in serene fashionby sailing in a boat that profoundly serveswinding up in the city aura and splendor. Sliemma Ferry is attainable for everyone, providing a romantic and scenic view sailing across robust fortifications, sunlit buildings and skylines.
The journey across the city is quite long, running from Sliema Strand – the busy shopping and dining area in thesuburban. The route passes along the Manoel Island and across Marsamxett Harbor with its fishing boats and yacht marinas.
If you’re fond of history, you may recognize the “Sliema Ferry” title tracing back to colonial times when a ferryboat service used to shuttle between Valetta and Sliema. The ferry service was introduced mainly for British civil officers based in Sliema in order to reach the Government offices early mornings, but the commencement of better organized and efficient public transport led to ferries’ demise.
Later on, it was re-established to serve under the motive of tourism and travelling, and who would have thought that the Sliema Ferry would become an epitome of fanatic tourism experience.
Now the Sliema Ferry operates on a broader scope because it takes responsibility of serving hundreds of people on every sail.The independent experience of an individual alone is ample to lure all its compelling sorts.
Sliema has desirable and impressive promenades and this shuttle service operates on regular basis between Valetta and Sliema. If you’re looking forward to avoid the dense lodging of cars and smog, this fast and convenient sail by the harbor takes about five minutes. A daylight journey remains of an hour and half hour.

Ticket Prices And Boarding Hours
It’s always a quality time to spend and you might frown that it ends too quickly. But relish the fresh air by avoiding traffic and getting your mood off for parking troubles and absolutely save your time.The pricing schedule varies for passenger type, such that an adult gets a one-way ticket for a measly $1.62; while a $3.03return.

If you board a child, then one-way ticket would cost $0.54; otherwise, $0.43for returns. The same price is for pensioners for both one-way and return tickets. Student discounts are special, standing $1.08 for one-way and $1.95 for return ticket. If you stay for long or more than a week, then feel free to purchase a Weekly Pass that is valid for 7 days in success with unlimited use, only for a staggering $10.83.

The opening hours of Sliema Ferry are: 0715 to 1915 hours from October to May, to 0045 hours from June to September.

Now that you know about the breathtaking Sliema Ferry, visit Malta for a memorable experience.

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