St. Peter’s Pool

A Beautiful Natural Wonder


Malta is growing up to be one of the best haunted tourist destinations in Europe primarily because the place is nestled with natural charm which is mostly lost in other places. And a primary example among this is the St. Peter’s Pool. The pool itself is actually nothing but a rocky diving area carved out naturally by the sea. The water is literally crystal clear and quite a few locals frequent the place for a splash.

For all those who wish to visit the place, it is recommended that they take their own form of transportation. This is primarily because the pool in itself is a lesser known spot for tourist recreation and most public transports are extremely infrequent, if at all available. Also, depending on where you park the car, the place can be a fair walking distance (5-15 minutes). For those who are a bit more adventurous, there is an option of taking a boat to the pace, but be sure about tide timings before you opt for this as this is a natural cove directly connected to the sea.

What to Expect
There is no real sandy beach, in case you were expecting one. The place is literally situated on the road, so you can see the cars go right past you. The outcrop is about 3-4 metres in height from the water. However, the water itself is so clear that you will have no trouble seeing what is at the bottom. Definitely bring your swim suits for the dip since that is exactly what you will be doing here.

Food and Other Things
It needs to be understood that this place is quite distant from most other tourist centres in Malta. As such, do not expect to find any good restaurants here. If you are in the mind set for a picnic, be sure to pack up the food before you leave your hotel as chances of finding anything good to eat here or on the way is not such a good idea. And if you feel like having a trek, you are in luck as this place can be walked to as well. Be ready to walk for about an hour or so, though. A pickup is recommended. As far as timings are concerned, there is no set time but you should visit during early morning to ensure that you get to enjoy the full morning. Spending the whole day there, however, is not recommended as there are a lot of other things to see in Malta and you can only swim for so long.
A visit once to St. Peter’s Pool is definitely worth the effort. The sea view is breath taking and the cool water swim is definitely worth the jump. There are no stairs though, since this is fully natural, so be prepared for a short dive. Overall verdict of the place is a natural beauty tucked quietly in a corner of Malta.

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